Transitioning from Vendor Central to Seller Central

What to expect

Transition Timeline

First Month
Second Month
Third Month
Fourth Month
First Month Laying the Foundation
Close Down Vendor Central

Month 1 will be focused on "winding down" Vendor Central. We will establish your migration plans, and shut down your Vendor account accordingly. 

Second Month Sell Down & Launch
Launch Seller Central

Month 2 will be used ramping up your Seller account and selling your inventory with Vendor Central. We will also be aggressively training your team on the new account. 

Third Month Grow.
Online shopping

Month 3, our team will be focused on growing your seller account, adding new products, and working with your team on the merchandising, ads & promo planning. 

Fourth Month Optimize

Scaling your Amazon business is what we do. Month 4 will be the start of our ongoing optimization efforts. Let's do this. 

Businesswoman presenting business strategy
The Benefits

Profitability Matters

Client came to ClearSight looking for support in developing a more robust Amazon strategy. 

The Big Deal

Platform Differences

Vendor Central (1P)


Seller Central (3P)

The ClearSight Impact

How ClearSight Helps

Our team will help you identify the best platform to sell on within Amazon. Let our team perform a free profit analysis on your products.

It’s important to know the different types of Amazon platforms, and which model will benefit your business the most. Let us run a profitability analysis on your Amazon channel to see which model is better for you. Both have their advantages, and we are happy to discuss the differences with you during your account setup.