Vendor Central vs Seller Central

The platform you sell on will determine
how profitable amazon
can be for your business.

Vendor Central (1P)


Seller Central (3P)

The Benefits

Profitability Matters

Our team will help you identify the best platform to sell on within Amazon. Let our team perform a free profit analysis on your products.


It’s important to know the different types of Amazon platforms, and which model will benefit your business the most. Let us run a profitability analysis on your Amazon channel to see which model is better for you. Both have their advantages, and we are happy to discuss the differences with you during your account setup.

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Why Amazon?

Reasons you should sell on Amazon

Improved profit
Amazon Is A Strong Profit Center For Our Brands

We help brands grow revenues & profit. Amazon makes it hard to understand the cost of doing business with them. We make it easy.

brand growth
Use Amazon's Fulfillment Network To Ship Orders

Let our team take the stress out of inventory management. ClearSight helps your team optimize operations and fulfillment strategy.

brand discovery
60% Of All Product Searches Begin On Amazon

150.6M shoppers on Amazon drive 51.2% of all online sales in the U.S. Amazon is necessary for customers to discover your products.